Market segments

Relying on its knowledge of the numerous manufacturing industry processes, Cimlec Industrie
designs, manufactures and implements solutions that meet the performance requirements of the
manufacturing industry.

We work on ever more ambitious projects for more than 400 customers in various fields of activities.

nos-img12 Aeronautics

Familiar with the process specific to aircraft manufacturers, engine manufacturers or suppliers, our team of experts provides solutions for the flexibility and performance of your fabrications.

nos-img3 Automotive

Day to day proximity, rigour during the course of operations and stamina of implemented systems, give you the performance
guarantee of our appraisals.

nos-img10 Defence / Naval

Reliability of our facilities, teams expertise, ability to work in enclosed areas and secrecy management are your tomorrow’s assets.

nos-img5 Energy/Petroleum industry

Our high level of performance, our constant care for security (work in ATEX zone) and our quality management are proof of our collaboration’s success.

nos-img2 Food & Beverage

Availability, knowledge of your hygiene and humidity restraints as well as your traceability needs… We engage at your sides with free-choice or turn-key solutions.

nos-img6 Nuclear

Our rigour in traceability, in constant watch of our teams’ health and actions, through our engagement in CEFRI certification, ensure a high level of safety.

nos-img7 Pharmaceutic Cosmetic/Health

We operate in your laboratory with discretion and take all the hygiene measures that suit your production.

nos-img8 Tertiary Public sector

Concerned about your procedures of procurement contract, we have the required certificates (Qualifelec E34, Qualibat 2411, 4412 & 4421) and a strong expertise for your buildings receiving public.

nos-img9 Transport Logistics

From building to moving walks, we are experienced in all your processes and we put our necessary flexibility at your disposal.

nos-img4 Water / Waste Management

Experience of site work, waste management, efficient project reporting provide you the expected customer services.