In 2008, Cimlec celebrated 45 years of existence. We look back at almost half a century of history with a few key dates.


Foundation of the CIMELEC (Construction Industrielle Mécanique Electrique) by Robert MARCILLY, Pierre CUAZ PEROLIN et André MAZAUD.
Specialized in electricity and iron works, the company is based in Suresnes (92) and employes 10 persons.


CIMELEC becomes CIMLEC and moves to bigger place at Les Mureaux (78).


CIMLEC Industrie buyes into SLA company based in Saint-Malo in order to diversify in switchboards manufacture.


Cimlec opens a workshop in Pleurtuit (35), specialized in wiring.


Company’s positioning evolves and Cimlec develops on robotics and automatisms markets while still working in electricity and iron works, its historical know-how.


The Finuchem Group, founded by Jean-Pierre Gorgé, takes over the company.
Specialist in industrial robotics, Finuchem starts operating on automotive market. A specific « automotive pole » is created and it will reach up to 110M€ turnover thanks to acquisitions.
Cimlec Industrie takes over Tenwhil, a company specialized in robotics studies and off-line programming.


In a strong position because of its booming, Cimlec invests and buys its current headquarter and plant at Les Mureaux, in the industrial park “Les Garennes”.


Foundation of Robokeep, specialized in equipments and robots maintenance.


The Cimlec Group keeps expending with the take-over of several companies in France:
- MFG, currently known as FTS, specialized in welding guns and clippers;
- BBR, integrator of complete robotized solutions;
and abroad:
- MFG Deutschland (Germany) & MFG Iberica (Spain).


That year, Cimlec Industrie gains a record turnover of 46 M€ thanks to the great robotics’ development. Almost 2,000 robots are programmed or equipped in our workshops.


The “automotive pole” makes 70% of Finuchem’s turnover.
Cimlec Industrie s'implante en Europe de l’Est: Cimlec Slovakia (Slovaquie) et Cimlec Industrial (Roumanie) ouvrent leurs portes.


The automotive market encounter serious difficulties. The group operates a major shift by diversifying its sectors of activity. Cimlec Industrie leads this change of policy.

Several companies of Cimlec Group are sold.


A new chairman is appointed.
The fraction of the automotive market in Cimlec’s turnover decreases from 90 to 80%.


Investments are made in trade development and the board decides to get a new corporate visual identity.
Many new custormers rely on us. The fraction of the automotive in our turnover represents only 70% and even less than 50% in 2009.


The new visual identity is revealed: new logo, new brochure and launch of our new website.
Finuchem changes its name and becomes Groupe Gorgé.